Google Voice provides a voicemail feature with a useful (if often comically inaccurate) transcription feature. The way in which one normally enables this feature is to dial a series of digits which instructs the cell provider to forward missed calls to an alternate number. However, for Ting this is not supported, at least not on all devices.

The workaround is simple, though not widely advertised; forwarding must be configured from the Ting Dashboard. The steps to do this are as follows:

  1. Go to the Device Settings page.
  2. Click the appropriate device.
  3. In the "Minutes" section, check the Forward 'busy signal' calls to this number and Forward 'no answer' calls to this number checkboxes, and enter your Google Voice number in both corresponding input boxes.

Ting Call Forwarding

I also unchecked the Voicemail box since I wasn't going to be using Ting voicemail, but this is probably not necessary.